General Order for Preparing the Degree Thesis at the University of Debrecen Faculty of Health

The thesis, appropriate to the qualification, is related to the professional subjects and provides proof of the student′s thorough knowledge of their professional field. It demonstrates that during their studies the student mastered the basics of library usage and literature research and can express and
document his / her own independent opinion on a professional issue in an appropriate written form and then successfully orally defend it to a committee.

26. § of the Study and Examination Regulations of the University of Debrecen describes the general information related to the thesis. The detailed rules should be defined in the Faculty Thesis Regulations.

14. § in the Faculty Annex of Study and Examination Regulations of the University of Debrecen deals with the faculty specialties.
Subject to the contents of the above documents, the general order of writing the Degree Thesis in the Faculty of Health is as follows:
The general part of the qualification requirements for the given program or its specialization includes the preparation of the degree thesis. The main aims of the thesis are to acquire the ability to use the library and current methods on how to use literature, synthesize ideas based on the acquired knowledge, formulate independent and constructive opinions about the given topic, and to demonstrate the student′s knowledge in Hungarian and international literature as well as the student’s analytical and evaluation skills. Another objective is that the student shows his/her theoretical and methodological preparedness of the subjects included in the Bachelor and Master degree or in the
postgraduate specialist training course.

II.1. The topic of the dissertation is to cover the current problem(s) of a discipline taught at the faculty.

II.2. When developing a thesis topic, the latest Hungarian literature on the subject and at least one foreign summary should be used, if the topic has international literature.

II.3.The length of the degree thesis should be 70.000 – 126.000 characters without space
(approximately 25-45 pages). Title page, table of contents, bibliography, footnotes, and index are not included in the length of the degree thesis. It should be printed one-sided on A4 size paper, using the following settings:
Margins: inner, outer, upper and lower 2.5 cm; for binding splicing 0.5 cm, for binding 1 cm.

Font: Body Text: Times New Roman; titles, subheadings: Times New Roman or Arial Font

Size: Body Text: 12 points.

Spacing: single (1).

Paragraph: blocked, the first line is 1.25 cm indentation, automatic separation (separation zone 0.3

Page numbering: Arabic numerals, bottom, outside.
Headings and subheadings: bold and italic with 18, 16, 14-point letters, aligned to left, numeric,
multi-level numbering.
Footnotes: 8-point italic, always on the link page.

The maximum length includes the tables and the bibliography in the text. Figures: if the length
including figures exceeds the maximum length, they should be placed in an annex to the thesis with appropriate numbering and graphic signs, and therefore would not be counted as part of the thesis length.

II.4. General formatting requirements:

in the middle of the outer cover: Thesis

in the lower third of the outer cover: name of the student below
the year of submission

at the top of the first inner cover: University of Debrecen Faculty of Health

in the middle of the first inner cover: title of thesis,

in the lower right of the first inner cover: the name of the student,
under it: the name of the degree program,
under it: the year of the submission.
in the middle of the second inner cover: The thesis was written at the …………………….
Department of University of Debrecen Faculty of Health
(Head of Department:……………………………)
Supervisor:………………………………… (and his/her workplace, if not the lecturer of the department).
Further formal requirements for preparing theses are set out in Annex 1 (Recommended Structure of
the Theses and the Requirements for Preparing References, Figures and Tables).
The bound thesis must be accompanied by a statement from the author attesting that the thesis is his
/ her own work. The Plagiarism Statement should be attached to the thesis before the Table of
Contents (Appendix 2).
II.5. Two copies of the thesis are required: A bound copy and a digital copy. Students have to upload
the digital PDF file into the Electronic Archive of the University of Debrecen to the following
address: (DEA) a

II.6. If the student obtains special permission from of the head of department, he/she can write the
thesis in English or German.

II.7. The content, structure, bibliography, and empirical methodology requirements of the degree thesis and the general aspect of the evaluation should be published on the website of the Faculty
(Institute) at the same time as the topics of the degree thesis are uploaded to the website.


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