Public Law II (level 7) Guidance in relation to the assessment The Public Law II summative assessment will take the form of a research coursework task with a maximum word limit of 2,500 words. This task will comprise 100% of your module grade. The formative element (“stage 1”) of the process will not be a separate assessment; it will form part of the same task, building towards the final coursework submission (“stage 2”). Unlike the other Part II PGDL modules, there is no separate MCQ assessment for Public Law II. Stage 1 This formative element of the overall process will enable you to create a draft foundation for your final coursework submission. You will receive a task from your supervisor. This will disclose a broad subject area. This will provide the opportunity to begin work on a draft which is intended to form part of your final coursework submission. This draft, with a maximum word limit of 1,500 words, can be submitted to tutors, and feedback will be given as a form of supervision to assist with the production of the final paper. No formative mark will be given at this stage, as the feedback at this point is not intended as an assessment exercise. As this draft will form part of your final coursework submission, there will be no formative assessment guidance or recording. Stage 2 You will receive further instructions from your supervisor in respect of the task. This will be on the same broad subject area as the topic for stage 1 but will involve a more focused, research-based element as well. Any or all of the material produced for the stage 1 answer can be used as a basis for the writing of the final and longer, stage 2 summative coursework submission. This final coursework paper will form 100% of the overall mark for the Public Law II course.

Content The final research coursework submission – i.e. at stage 2 – can include any material relevant to weeks 1-10 of the Public Law II course. The question will require knowledge across the broad remit of Public Law II. Method As indicated above, the process towards completion of the final coursework paper will involve the drafting of a foundation for the answer at stage 1. Following receipt of feedback, it is anticipated that a significant amount of the material researched and written at stage 1 can be used for completion of stage 2 but that it will potentially be necessary to edit and re-draft aspects of this material in order to finalise the coursework answer. When the final coursework question or task is disclosed later in the term, it will also be necessary to carry out some research – on an independent basis – that will assist in focusing in on and illustrating a key aspect of the overall question. (Rules relating to this research will be given at the time the final question is disclosed.) Credit will be given in the assessment for your research skills. You will be expected briefly to explain your research trail. This will not form part of your 2,500 words and can be in bullet-point format. Sample assessment Unlike other modules on the PGDL, there will not be a sample assessment for Public Law II. This is because of the nature of the assessment.



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