What characterizes a unipolar neuron? The presence of only one axon Dendrites immediately branching from the cell body on one end, axon terminal at the other One stalk of dendrite emitting from the cell body at one end, axon terminals at the other Dendrites on one end, axon terminal at the other end, cell body slightly offset from both QUESTION 26 A neuron that has in the meantime been maintaining resting membrane potential receives an inhibitory neurotransmitter. Its me O Polarization won’t change, but the binding site will remain locked O Polarization won’t change, but the binding site will remain open More polarized Less polarized QUESTION 27 Myelin, whether it’s in the CNS or PNS, insulates a segme of an axon by: O Depositing glycolipids along the length of the axon, which, being hydrophobic, are not conductive Being devoid of ion channels, thereby preventing that segment of axon from participating in action potentials Providing white matter to the major cortexes of the CNS Flooding the axonal length with cerebrospinal fluid, creating a buffered solution that prevents ion flow QUESTION 28 The primary function of the central nervous system is: Integrating & coordinating sensory input with motor output Directing sensory input O Connecting sensory organs with the brain Connecting sensory input with synaptical tracts QUESTION 29 Voltage-gated sodium channels allows rapid movement of sodium ions across the axolemma. When membrane potential reache Potassium leak channels open Sodium leak channels open Voltage-gated sodium channels can open Voltage-gated potassium channels can open QUESTION 30 What do visceral sensory fibers do? Send information to the organs Receive information from internal organs Receive information from the entire body Send Information to the autonomic structures

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