What is the target market of clothing store. i want answers based on clothing store
2​Target Market
Hint: Now that you have chosen the best market segment, describe the profile of this group in more detail under the heading Target Market, answering the following questions and any more you think are relevant. Is the group big enough to make money marketing and selling to them?
• Is the group growing?
• Can you target this specific group easily through certain publication, media, or social media they like to use?
• Do they have enough money or access to parents with money to buy the product or service?
Write a more complete profile description of the segment you are choosing to target including how you could market to them effectively and efficiently. What solution will your business/product provide?
Hint: Now that we have a rough profile of your target customers is, and how your product will serve them, What are the viable pricing options?
Discuss various options for Pricing:
Competitive Pricing
Cost Plus
Premium pricing…
Choose the best one and explain why it is the best for your business to start off with

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