Alright! This is your first writing assignment, though this one is a bit open, in terms of the kind of analysis I am going to ask you to do. USING THE TWO DISCUSSIONS from this unit, write a 2-page response paper about the short film “MANHATTAN”, an American ‘city film’ from the 1920s, that focuses on New York City. Talk about how the film depicts the urban space–and keep in mind both formal elements (shots, angles, framing, etc.) and the content of the film itself, including the intertitles, which are lines from different American poems, most of them by Walt Whitman.

This is NOT a research paper, so you don’t need to look beyond the film itself. I am more interested in knowing how you analyze the film and how you use our discussion to discuss this visual representation of New York; I am less interested here in what others have said about it.

Make sure your paper has YOUR NAME, and come up with a ‘sexy’ title for your essay. Something that will intrigue me to read it!

You need to UPLOAD a file. No citations are needed.
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