Now you’ve built a strong literature review, synthesizing the current literature and theory on your chosen topic, you have the foundation to put together a well-supported research proposal.


For your Study Proposal assignment, you will apply knowledge of theory and research in the study of biological psychology by writing a study proposal and providing a detailed summary outline of the research plan. This topic should be of your choosing and builds on the information you identified on research methods currently used in the field, which you completed in Unit 7.


For this assignment, propose a study plan in which you will research the hypothesis for a research problem of your choosing, relevant to biological psychology. Format your paper using the following headings, as well as the APA Paper Template [DOCX]:


Introduce your topic.

State the hypothesis.

Research Problem:

State the problem that underlies the topic for your research proposal.

Evaluate the biological psychological concepts underlying your research proposal.

Literature Review:

Provide an effective literature review of other studies done on the same research problem. This section may include information obtained in your Week 5 Theories and Ethics paper. Incorporate instructor feedback you received from the Week 7 Literature Review assignment.

Importance or Implications to Biological Psychology:

Discuss the importance or implications of this research problem to biological psychology.

Research Methods:

Discuss the research method and design chosen for your proposed study from the four identified in Chapter 4 of Brain and Behavior: An Introduction to Behavioral Neuroscience.

Naturalistic observation.

Case study.



Clarify a rationale for the research method chosen to be used in this study.

Hypothesis Verification:

State the hypothesis your study plan is designed to test and any questions that will guide your research plan.


Describe how the validity of the research will be ensured.

Ethical Criteria:

Discuss the necessary criteria to ensure the study will be conducted safely and ethically.


Summarize your study plan and rationale for the chosen method and design.

Paper Requirements

Number of Resources: Minimum number of 10–15 peer-reviewed journal articles.

Length: 10–15 pages.

Format: Formatted as shown in the APA Paper Template. Use current APA style and formatting
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