The mini case is NOT a complete written case study, it is required to answer the study questions that accompany case along with the four requirements below questions. I need to apply the concepts/analytical tools professor teaches.

Below are the requirements for mini case:

How “healthy” were the Be Mixed brand and business at the start of 2020?

What factors enabled Swoon co-founders Jennifer Ross and Cristina Ros Blankfein to enter such a competitive industry?

What steps did Ross and Blankfein take to minimize their risks when entering a competitive and crowded industry?

Analyze Swoon through the lens of classic strategy frameworks (e.g. Porter’s Five Forces and the 5C analysis) and explain its competitive advantage within a classic innovation framework (disruptive innovation). What impacts Swoon and its ability to succeed?

Thinking about a digital-first strategy, how should Swoon implement a marketing strategy and go to market tactics in order to achieve its goals and support its brand?

What are the risks and rewards associated with launching a new lemonade (or other new product) during times of market disruption (e.g. during a pandemic)?

Some Hints to on Preparing Cases

Skim the case first

What are the broad issues?

Are there data appendices to consider?

Reread the case carefully. Make margin notes.

What are the key problems in the case? Make a list.

What do the study questions ask?

Prioritize these problems.

Develop a set of recommendations

Evaluate your recommendations vs. alternatives.

Discuss your analysis with others in the class.


Use headers/sub headers in report

Use point form when appropriate, remember business writing is to be

concise and to the point, no fluff.

Double spaced, 12-point font

No more than 5-7 pages

PDF file format accepted to drop box only

APA format, if you did not write it, cite it.
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