The presentation should be on Emotion-Focused Individual Therapy (Leslie Greenberg)

I choose Emotion-Focused

Individual Therapy (Leslie Greenberg, etc).

I chose this because throughout my counseling career, I have seen a

number of youth who deal with depression, personal issues, trauma, and etc. In

dealing with their issues to cope, they are not aware of ways to channel their

emotions in a healthy manner. Apart of the treatment process, should be focused

on emotions. The clients must be aware, and accept the way they feel all while

expressing their emotions in a healthy manner. However, this is not always an

easy thing for clients to do, because this type of therapy allows them to see

themselves, and come into reality about their life experiences. Also, I want to

learn to master this technique because, I want to grow in this area. As a

school Counselor, I see more adults and adolescents come into my office leaving

out emotionally unbalanced. I would refer them to an outside agency because of

their expertise in this area. I would rather do this then to try myself, and

harm them throughout the process. Every since the pandemic, I have seen a rise

in those who may need this type of therapy.
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