8–10 slides with slide notes on the chosen corporate social responsibility topic and business problem. Organize your content so ideas flow logically with smooth transitions. Remember that the Assessment 4 Template [PPTX] is available to help you with this.
PowerPoint presentation slides generally shouldn’t have sentences such as a white paper or memo would but instead should have bullet points that are organized and clearly convey the intent of the presentation.
You should still follow APA rules for attributing sources that support your analysis and conclusions in the Notes section of the slides.
Use the Notes feature of each slide to explain and expand your bullet points and reference your resources. You have the choice to submit your PowerPoint presentation with extensive notes or with notes plus narration.
Your presentation should include one or more slides covering each of the following areas, and you can use slide titles more explicitly related to your chosen topic than are shown below.
Title slide.
Introduction (optional).
The Problem.
Define corporate social responsibility issue and the related business problem.
How the Problem Affects a Community and the Organization.
Explain how the social responsibility problem affects a local, national, or global community and relates to your chosen company
Advantages and Limitations of Possible Solutions.
Include at least three possible solutions and briefly summarize them in one slide.
Explain the advantages and limitations of each proposed solution for the social problem and discuss each solution’s impact on your chosen company
Briefly describe any general aspects of costs, efficiencies, and effectiveness.
Recommended Solution.
Recommend a solution for the social problem and explain how it aligns with your chosen company’s business, including its mission and vision.
Support a recommended solution to a business problem with relevant evidence and research.
Explain how your recommended solution to the CSR problem will be sustainable into the future.
How will the increased sustainability impact profit and customer and employee satisfaction?
Supporting evidence (research).
As a summary, justify and support your recommended solution to the CSR problem.
Include relevant evidence and sound reasoning.
References slide.
Slides: 8–10 slides, not including the reference slide, with no more than 6 bullet points per slide.
Resources: Cite at least three resources, including your website, on a reference slide.
Template: You may use the Assessment 4 Template [PPTX] to help organize your presentation.
Submit for this assessment:
Option A: 8–10 PowerPoint slides with extensive notes in the Notes section of the slide.
Option B: 8–10 PowerPoint slides with narration recorded directly on each slide and notes in the Notes section of the slide.


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