Task Module 1 Corporate Finance Analysis
Let’s explore other industries.
What do Chrysler and GM have in common with Mercy hospital? Have you ever done a SWOT analysis?
A hospital is like any company, with financial dealings that involve multiple vendors, and product lines that must be current and profitable. Understanding how companies deal with financial crises will help you apply the same principles to the hospital.
In each task you are required to create an in depth Wiki page. Wiki’s are easy and fun ways to share information.
Follow these steps to create your Wiki assignment.
1. Financial Literacy
Before you begin to analyze corporations financial situations, it is important that you have a solid background in financial literacy. These are the basics.
Complete the free seven module Financial Literacy course and take the final quiz to check your understanding.
2. Read:
Chapters 1&2 Fundamentals of Healthcare Finance
3. SWOT analysis
Swot Analysis
SWOT Analysis of Ford
Financial Literacy: Reading Financial Reports
4. Watch these additional resources to help you succeed in this course.
Learning Zoom with Garrick Chow | LinkedIn Learning
Excel 2019 Essential Training with Dennis Taylor | LinkedIn Learning
5. Set up a Wiki and send the link to the instructor.
Read the Case Study on Mercy Hospital.
Based on what you have read, complete an initial SWOT analysis.
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