Discuss the problems surrounding Disability social welfare policies and conduct a search of the available literature (with emphasis on peer-reviewed journal articles) surrounding the selected policy problem — I HAVE ATTACHED ARTICLES I NEED TO BE USED.
Topics that must be addressed in this policy paper include:
1. Brief introduction to the policy problem;
2. History of social welfare policy in this area;
3. Alternative proposals to address this problem (a minimum of two alternatives must be included);
4. Rational policy analysis of the alternatives;
5. Political ramifications of each alternative;
6. Summary/conclusion.
I. K. (2005). Toward the Necessary Universalizing of a Disability Policy. Milbank
Quarterly, 83(4), Online-only-Online-only.
B., Chung, J., & Kaufamn, A. (2020, July 25). The Americans with
Disabilities Act Thirty Years Later | The Regulatory Review.


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