Emotional Development, Self-Esteem, and Antisocial Behaviors
Emotional development and the development of self-esteem and identity are important components to examine as they greatly impact children and adolescents throughout their lifespan. On the Discussion Board for this unit, you will address temperament, self-esteem, and identity and discuss how they relate to antisocial behavior. You will also discuss the different types of attachment. Make sure to refer to the textbook’s readings and the web resources related to conduct disorder and oppositional defiant disorder when responding to the statements below.
Please respond to the following:
Discuss the role of temperament in the development of conduct disorder. Apply this knowledge by discussing how a “difficult” temperament may contribute to the development of this antisocial behavior.
Compare and contrast Ainsworth’s types of attachment, including the impact of caregiving styles.
Describe the development of identity and self-esteem in children and adolescents and illustrate how these concepts relate to oppositional defiant disorder.


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