Identify and present one problem, either social, cultural, political, scientific/environmental, etc. that is ongoing in our society (last 5 years to the present). What should be done to solve this problem in your opinion? Evaluate the arguments of others that surround this issue, and give your own solutions and/or the solutions you believe are the right ones that others have developed, and make sure to explain why these are the solutions you favor.
Your paper must argue a specific side or point. I DO NOT want an objective report. The issue you choose must in some way be considered controversial
You must have at least 5 sources (you can have more if you like). These 5 sources do not include statistics or definitions that you just look up (those are separate unless part of a larger article).
I will not accept websites like Wikipedia,,, etc. as a source.
You must use direct quotes and/or paraphrases from your sources to prove your arguments, citing these sources using MLA format. CITE EVERYTHING.
You will need to include a works cited page
your essay must be organized, beginning with an intro that has a hook, background on the reading, and a thesis statement


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