Lifespan Development in the News STEP 1: Find a popular news article from within the past five years that reports on the results of a research study related to lifespan development. This should not be a blog entry, but a published article from a news source such as Time Magazine, The New York Times, CNN, Fox News, etc. place to look is the APA’s Psychology news portal. STEP 2: Go find the psychological study or studies that are mentioned in the news report. STEP 3: Write a paper of 500 words
• describes and summarizes both articles
describes the research method, research design, hypothesis, independent and dependent variables (if applicable), and any reliability or validity concerns
compares and contrasts the key points, style, and purpose of the news article with that of the research article
examines if the news article accurately describes the research
includes correct APA citations (both in-text and in a reference page) for both of the articles (See Purdue Online Writting Lab APA guidelines for reference).


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