Investigate the Custodial services provided by a Public School Facilities Manager/Director
Investigate the facility custodial services provided by a Public School Facilities Manager/Director. Your submission should be 4 to 5 pages excluding title page, abstract, and reference page. Be sure to include key elements of custodial services such as clean up spills caused by food or beverages, wash windows, mop floors, wipe tables, replace air filters and maintain a trash and recycling .
The narrrative must include the following in subheadings:
1. Describe the work performed in Custodial Services
2. How is custodial services work organized, planned, and prioritized
3. Describe the technology used in custodial services
4. What experience is required to perform custodial services tasks
5. What are some of the key tools used in custodial services
6. Discuss how weather and seasons impact custodial services
7. Conclusion
This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome


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