Write a thread that compares and contrasts a Christian ethical theory with a competing ethical theory. You can
choose from Virtue Ethics, Natural Law, Ethical Egoism, Utilitarianism, and Duty Ethics in contrast to a Christian
ethical theory.
Answer the following:
How does each system define “the good?” How does each claim to know “the good?”
What, if anything, do these systems have in common? What, if anything, are their key differences?
Which theory do you think is the stronger ethical theory? Defend your answer. This final question should take up the majority of your thread.
Be sure to carefully define your terms, articulate the strengths and weaknesses of each theory, and defend your
position. You are expected to support your position with rational arguments, fitting examples, and expert sources. Any quotes or information used from sources other than yourself must be cited using footnotes in current Turabian format and will not count towards the total word count.
Biblical references are highly encouraged, but will not count as an academic source. Any sources cited must have
been published within the last five years. Acceptable sources include the course textbooks, books, journal articles, periodicals, and similar publications. Sources such as Wikipedia and online dictionaries do not count as academic
sources and should not be used.


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