You are writing an academic paper that should demonstrate critical analytical skills. Personal stories should not be included unless they logically support your arguments.
The objective of this exam is for you to develop and articulate your own views by engaging the perspectives, and arguments of other people/existing literature.
Proper citation of the evidence that you use from the readings and/or other materials is mandatory. This helps you avoid plagiarism, which is very important in academic writing. Generally, citations are required when you make assertions and strong arguments.
You must draw your analysis from at least eight authentic sources (avoid using a dictionary and class lectures as a source); for example, it could be the reports of the government agencies, credible and established newspapers, published articles, books, etc. You must provide all the references you cited in your exam/paper. Do not include references that you did not cite in your exam/paper.
Repeating the same source in the next paragraphs will not count as a minimum required citation.
You are strongly encouraged not to use/cite direct quotes; instead, paraphrase them properly. This is highly essential for academic writing.
Good writing is essential to doing well. All writing assignments will be graded on their structure, writing, and content, including originality, clarity, coherence, logic, grammar, and spelling.
Length: 6 pages (minimum requirement) and 8 (pages maximum), double-spaced text, 12pt Times New Roman, 1-inch margins. Provide appropriate paragraph breaks but no spaces between paragraphs.
Must use sources provided but can use outside sources too.
Answer one of the questions below
(a) Compare and discuss the welfare state in the United States with that found in the societies of other industrial nations, e.g., Western Europe and Canada. (b) Justify why most argue that the middle classes benefit the most from the welfare state in the United States. (c) Propose three ways in which the government could act to reduce economic inequality and further the ideas of the welfare state in the United States.
(a) Describe and discuss the major components of the dominant ideology in the United States. (b) Briefly explain how people in the United States come to accept the dominant ideology. (c) Describe how the dominant ideology in the United States contributes to the belief that the poor are undeserving of welfare.


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