The essay should address the following questions, concepts, and people:
How is the concept of ‘exorcism’ linked to unconsciousness? (a major name associated- Gassner)
The link between Gassner and Mesmer.
The initial ideas of animal magnetism and the development of those ideas by Mesmer.
The concept of suggestion by Liebault and Bernheim
The practice of hypnosis by Janet and Charcot
The connection between Hypnosis (Charcot and Janet) and Sigmund Freud.
How did Freud alter the concept of unconsciousness from what Charcot and Janet were doing?
How did subsequent theorists alter Freud’s model of unconsciousness (i.e. Jung).
How do we view unconsciousness today?
Be sure to explain how each idea leading up to Freud’s model is actually hinting at the idea of ‘unconsciousness’ as we know it today. For example, exorcism sparked interest in unconsciousness because people who were involved were behaving in certain ways that seemed outside of their awareness and control. They seemed to be answering to some ‘inner voice or inner commander’ and for this reason, the theory of demons and exorcism led philosophers and scientists to begin to question other possible explanations aside from ‘demons.’
I have provided the attached and linked resources to be used as part of the six sources but two will need to be found elsewhere and will need to be from reputable sources. Proper grammar and academic language are required.

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