Myasthenia Gravis
Read and review chapter 58 in your textbook. Analyze the following case study. Create a document using APA style that include a first page with your personal information, starting in the second page the answer of the case study’s questions and the last page with the references used (2 references are required). In references include your textbook and a research article selected from the LIRN Library provide by the school. Make sure to submit before the due date.
Patient Profile
S.D., a 58-year-old African American male, was diagnosed with myasthenia gravis several years ago. He has been taking pyridostigmine and prednisone since then and has had few symptoms. Today, while visiting his daughter, he had a choking episode followed by the onset of severe weakness in his arms and legs along with respiratory distress. She drove him immediately to the emergency department.
Subjective Data
Reports difficulty “getting enough air”
Says food “got stuck in my throat”
Having difficulty speaking clearly
Objective Data
Physical Examination
Blood pressure 172/90, pulse 102, respirations 24 and shallow, temperature 99.9° F
Oxygen saturation 91% on room air
Symmetric muscle weakness involving all four limbs and jaw muscles
One episode of bladder incontinence since arrival
Tense and anxious
Discussion Questions
What is the pathophysiology of myasthenia gravis (MG)?
What complication of MG is S.D. experiencing?
His daughter asks what may have caused her father to get worse. What would you tell her?
Case Study Progress
The resident evaluates S.D. and tells S.D. and his daughter that testing is needed to determine whether S.D. is experiencing a myasthenic or cholinergic crisis.
4.After the resident leaves, S.D.’s daughter asks you what the difference is between myasthenic and cholinergic crises. How would you respond?
5.What test is given to distinguish the difference between a myasthenic and cholinergic crisis?
6.S.D. is found to have a myasthenic crisis. What is the likely treatment plan for S.D.?
7.What are the priority nursing diagnoses at this time?
8. What will be the focus of your ongoing assessments?
9.Outline points to include in S.D.’s discharge teaching plan.
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