it’s kind of broad, here are a few questions from the prompt: Are there places in the world where writers do not write so much as speak or sing? Could you argue from evidence in class that the ancient form of spoken literature is still operating in some places in the world?
Has our culture lost orality? Or does it still exists in some ways? Have you been taught literature as an oral form?
What do cultures that still possess oral poets and singers have that we may have lost? What features of oral literature, either in the book from the Odyssey we read or in examples in the module, seem to you most strange, interesting and powerful.
How can you tell a work was originally an oral composition, and does the experience of listening to poetry differ from reading it silently? If so, how? These are some of the questions you can think about in your answer, which will show familiarity with the modules materials and the assigned Homer text in pdf and mp3.
In addition to readings in the module, you should study the article linked above on the subject of oral reading, and in your paper make at least two references to it.

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