Answer any of the following 3 of 6 questions clearly and concisely. Write a minimum of 2 pages double spaced per answer. Number the essays.
1. Describe the period in Mexico known as the “Maximato” or the period of Maximilian Von Hapsburg during the Regency of the Second Mexican Empire. What role did President Benito Juarez play during this period of the French conquest of Mexico?
2. Describe the causes and consequences of the Mexican Revolution of 1910. What pivotal figures emerged during that time and how did Mexico evolve?
3. What was unique about the “Porfiriato” and why and how did President Porfirio Diaz Rule with “An Iron Fist”?
4. Describe any person or revolutionary that you believe was vital to the Mexican Revolution of 1910. E.g. Francisco Villa, Francisco Madero, Pascual Orozco, Emiliano Zapata, or the Adelitas aka Soldareras. Describe why they were important.
5. Describe the origins of the Zimmerman Letter or “Note” during WWI and what may have happened had Mexico accepted the offer of espionage?
6. What was unique about the period of Lazaro Cardenas also know as “Cardenismo” in Mexico. What accomplishments were made?


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