Answer the following questions from this week’s reading and module information. Remember to answer each question completely, and support with sources. Proper college-level writing is expected. Proof-read for proper mechanics and grammar.
Referring to the Generation video and your reading for the chapter:
How might radio be used to improve social and political discussions in the United States?
If you were a broadcast radio executive, what arguments would you make in favor of broadcast radio over streaming services like Spotify, which offer both music, podcasts and other programming?
What to Submit to Canvas
Your Word document with all questions fully and thoughtfully answered.
The assignment should be at least 300 words in length (though you should feel free to exceed this word count, if needed, to make the strongest possible response).
Your assignment should include at least three, different cited sources (such as your textbook, a news article from a credible organization or an academic study). The textbook, for example, will count as one source even if you cite it three times. Please cite the source within the body of your assignment and also include a works-cited list at the end of your assignment.
Please click here for writing and citation guidelines.
The following note applies to each and every assignment: The goal is to have ongoing discussion and dialog. Superficial short answers are not acceptable; aim for thoughtful, comprehensive responses. College-level writing, proper spelling, mechanics and grammar are expected in all your responses and factored into your grade.
Learning Objectives
By completing this assignment, you will be able to meet these learning objectives:
Analyze media consumption through personal bias, accessibility, and the creators of content
Analyze the impacts of media
Describe the role of the medium in culture
Describe the role of economics in media
Cite references in the approved course style
Develop clear, cogent explanations directly related to topics inherent to mass media


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