Part 1. Essay
Mediation can be used in a variety of settings; family disputes, workplace conflicts, and conflicts that involve groups of people (multi-party conflicts.) t is important to know the various areas where mediation has been found useful so you might be able to recommend it when appropriate.
•Explain how transformative mediation has been used in ONE of the following three areas:
o Family conflicts(such as divorce)
o Workplace conflicts
o Multi-party conflicts
You will have to search for outside sources to complete this essay, although you are welcome to use any sources from class. Based on what you find, write up a two-page, double-spaced essay that addresses the questions below. There are several chapters saved in “course reserves” in Canvas that you will likely find helpful, however they are not a requirement for this essay. Be sure to highlight specific insights from the readings you find to make your points. Please cite your resources.
•What are the reasons why mediation is helpful to use in this particular conflict setting?
•What unique challenges arise in using mediation in this particular conflict settings?
•What is one tip you would give mediators who are mediating a conflict in this conflict setting?
Part 2. Short answers
Short Answer Questions: (8 questions @ 4 points each –32points).
Please answer each question in at least five sentences and no more than ten sentences (points will be deducted for anything that falls outside this range).
1. Explain the difference between a summary and a reflection. What are the implications with each around empowerment and recognition shifts?
2.Explain why opening the conversation effectively sets the tone for the entire mediation session
3.Explain how transformational mediation is different from traditional mediation
4.Discuss how personal values greatly impact how disputants react in mediation and to conflict in general. Reflect on the value card sorting activity in class in your response
5. What is caucusing in mediation and how can it be helpful to the participants?
6. Discuss what happens during the Exchange, why does this phase tend to be very emotional for participants?


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