Explore a variety of media for depictions of gender-role development, gender identity, and gender stereotypes. Movies, videos, books (including both children’s books and books for parents), Internet content, magazines (including children’s magazines), and advertisements are all suitable subjects for analysis. Because television is such an influential medium, you might especially consider gender portrayals in various types of TV programming — for example, children’s educational shows (Arthur, Sesame Street), cartoons (Big City Greens, Esme & Roy), and situation comedies (Bunk’d, Coop and Cami Ask the World).
After you investigate, discuss any common gender stereotypes you found in the media you investigated. Use the following questions as a guide:
(1) In cartoons and live-action programs, were males and females equally represented in exciting plot activities?
(2) In all types of media, were the behaviors, attitudes, and characteristics of male and female characters strongly gender-stereotyped?
(3) Are newer books, movies, and videos less gender-stereotyped than those students remember from your own childhoods?
(4) Are certain media more or less likely than others to include stereotypical portrayals?
(5) What influence do you think these depictions will have on children’s development of gender identity and gender-role awareness?


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