In this assignment I want us to do some research on some of the organizations that are directly related to Internet Governance and Development. In this assignment you will do the following tasks to complete the assignment. This assignment will have two parts and it is to be written in MLA format.
Part 1: Internet Governance and Development (60 points)
1. The Paper is Entitled ” Internet Governance and Development”
2. Look at p. 504(Table 13.1) and Choose at least 2 of the organizations on the list and do research on them and discuss the purposes of these organizations. The paper should 1-4 pages long and you must have at least 4 references in your paper
Part 2: Network Components and Data Transmission (60 points)
In this part of the assignment there are a list of task that I want you to complete in connection with Networking Components and Data Transmission
1. Define and diagram Circuit Switching
2. Define and diagram Packet Switching
3. Explain the anatomy of an IP address (Hint: Use p. 509 under the heading IP addresses)
4. Define and Give an example of domain name and label where it is in the url
5. Complete the “Try This” Ping Me Exercise and use Screen shots to illustrate the steps
6. Locate the current HTML Standard
7. Define and Explain Public and Private Key Encryption
8. Answer the following “In the Cyber Field Question: How would a hacker be able to steal information on a network based on what you now know about networking


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