Choose two of the following types of writing styles:
A traditional print format
A TV or radio news broadcast
A digital story that includes hyperlinks, user comments, and the ability to share via Facebook and Twitter
A tweet from a news organization
A video news story from a media website
A news photo with captions
Select a current news story to use in the assignment.
Review two stories, one for each writing styles.
Write a 800- to 1,150-word paper summarizing the following:
Describe the characteristics of the selected two types of writing styles.
Briefly describe the selected stories.
Why is each style story appropriate for its writing styles?
Is each story informative and insightful? Why or why not?
Define journalistic purpose? How do the stories support or not support the definition of journalistic purpose?
Today, we see the practice of media convergence. What is media convergence? What effect does media convergence have on today’s reporting? Select and describe two stories that demonstrate media convergence.
Follow Associated Press style, formatting, and language choice.


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