Chapter 4 China’s Classical Age to 221 b.c.e.
How did war and conquest shape China’s development in the Classical Age?
Download and save this document so you can return to it as you take notes and for studying. As you read the chapter, fill in the chart below to remind you how invasion and expansion shaped the history of China during its Classical Age. For each of the periods listed below, take notes on the impact of outside invasions, conflicts between Chinese states, and Chinese efforts to conquer new territories. If you copy and paste from the text, make sure to put quotation marks around the copied material; however, if you can think of a way to put it into your own words, you should do so.
Internal Conflict
Shang Dynasty

Early Zhou Dynasty

Warring States Period

After you have read the chapter, use your notes to compose an essay that answers the question:
How did war and conquest shape China’s development in the Classical Age?
Be sure to include an opening, introductory paragraph in which you state your thesis. Then use the body of your essay to provide evidence from the chapter to support that thesis. End by writing a clear conclusion to your essay.


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