An oligopoly is a market structure in which only a few sellers produce similar or identical products. Oligopolies are price-setters and can collude to behave like a monopolist.
First, play the simulation game Cournot in the MindTap environment. In this discussion, you will share your experiences playing that game. Your work in this discussion will directly support your success on the course project.
In your initial post, include the image of your simulation report in your response. See the How to Submit a Simulation Report Image PDF document for more information. Then, address the following questions:
What are the main features of an oligopolistic market?
How do oligopolies set their prices?
Explain how you can distinguish a firm in an oligopolistic market from one in a monopolistic competitive market. Provide examples to illustrate.
Assignment 2
Economic behavior is more complex than assumed by conventional economic theory. Political economy explains the functioning of government. Behavioral economics ties psychology into human behavior.
Economists assume that individuals make rational decisions. However real people are more complex.
Based on what you have learned in your assigned reading, answer the following questions in your initial post:
What are the human behaviors economists should observe when creating economic models? Example: people tend to find solutions that are good enough, but not the best solutions.



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