Research peer reviewed original scientific articles on antibiotic resistance. Once you have researched, write a minimum of 250- word
essay on the article and address the following points:
What were the major findings from the article?
Which bacteria was the article referring to and how did the bacteria become resistant to antibiotics?
What are some common effects of this antibiotic resistant bacteria?
Describe the results from the article and talk about their conclusions.
What is your opinion on antibiotic resistant bacterial infections as a public health crisis? How can we prevent this from further posing a
danger to human health?
3 citations are required for this essay and images to re-enforce the concept, use scientific journals in 7th Edition APA formatting of all
references need corresponding intext citations, titles of books & journals need to be italicized, doi link needed for
journal articles, retrieval date not required for a reference from a website, make sure all links work within the references.
Please use the following resources for citations and please ensure citation resource is within 5 years:
Microbiology with Diseases by Taxonomy 6th Edition, Robert Bauman


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