Look through the HIV/AIDS surveillance statistics in the United States Download HIV/AIDS surveillance statistics in the United Statesfrom the CDC.
Use the slides to explain how each of the following variables affects the rate of HIV/AIDS infection: (use the specific data to explain trends and/or patterns)
Transmission Category – Male
Transmission Category – Female
States with high HIV/AIDS rates
Age ranges of people living with HIV/AIDS
Look through the world-wide HIV/AIDS surveillance Download world-wide HIV/AIDS surveillancefrom UNAIDS.
Use the slides to describe geographic differences in HIV/AIDS rates around world. Also compare the world-wide gender data of HIV/AIDS cases to the United States gender data of HIV/AIDS cases. Why do think there is such as significant difference in gender data?
Conduct some research on current treatments used for people who are diagnosed with HIV to prevent them from developing AIDS. Also discuss how PREP works and how it can be used for HIV negative patients who at a high risk of contracting HIV.
The assignment must answer all sections.
Include references in APA format.
This assignment will be checked for plagiarism by TurnItIn. It must have less than a 20% match in order to be graded.
Submit assignment through Canvas as a word document.
Scoring Rubric (100 Points):
Explanation of USA HIV/AIDS data (40 points)
Explanation of World-wide HIV/AIDS data (25 points)
Explanation of HIV Treatments (25 points)
Reference in APA format for both articles (10 points)


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