Read the 4 case examples then please name one diagnoses from the
DSM-5 in which you see the client suffering from. See Schizophrenia & other Psychotic DO
Case Exercises-4.docx
Please identify at least 2 diagnostic criteria and descriptors
to support each diagnosis you have chosen.
An example of how to present the answer:
Diagnosis: Intellectual Disability (Intellectual Developmental Disorder),
B. Deficits in adaptive functioning that result in failure
to meet developmental and sociocultural standards for personal independence and
social responsibility. Without ongoing support, the adaptive deficits limit
functioning in one or more activities of daily life, such as communication,
social participation, and independent living, across multiple environments,
such as home, school, work, and community.
C. Onset of intellectual and adaptive deficits during the
developmental period.
Note: Examples of diagnostic criteria and descriptors should
correspond to the DSM’s numbers/letters as per the diagnostic criteria and
descriptors in the DSM-5*. Use the exact language of the DSM-5, do not
abbreviate or reword the diagnostic criteria and descriptors.
* “B” and “C” are exactly as they are
labeled in the DSM-5, see p. 33. This is all you need for each answer.
Remember you use the diagnosis that is NOT in parenthesis. The
diagnosis in parenthesis is the ICD-10 diagnosis not the DSM-5 diagnosis. For
example the DSM-5 reads:
Intellectual Disability
(Intellectual Developmental Disorder)
Intellectual Disability (DSM-5)
(Intellectual Developmental Disorder)-ICD-10
For purposes of this class you want the first diagnosis for your
answer “Intellectual Disability” as it is the DSM-5 diagnosis.


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