-Download: Griffis-Kyle et al. 2018 Comparison of climate vulnerability among desert herpetofauna. Biological Conservation file
-Read: the article.
-Write a 1-page review/reflection of the article. Your review should include the following elements –
-What is the article about: Provide a brief summary of the article that includes a description of t he study’s goals and importance, methods and main conclusions.
-How do the researchers use the CCVI tool to determine their results (brief review of and comp arison to how you will be using the tool (e.g. how is their analysis more sophisticated).
-Why is this paper important, why are tools like this important and why are the results importan t?
Individual – 1-page ASSGINMENT – 10 pts
Part a – Demonstrates understanding of the study, methods, conclusion
Part b – Demonstrates understanding of the methods and how it compares to your use of the tool
Part c – Demonstrates understanding of the results and reflection of importance.


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