Essay Question: Describe the benefits of inclusion, principles of inclusion,
and how specifically you would apply each of the principles of inclusion to
support young children in their natural classroom environment. In doing so be
sure to address Universal Design for Learning (UDL), differentiation, and
specific modifications and adaptions.
Can include any of these but doesn’t have to, i just need to have ten references
Department of Education and Human Services: Policy Statement on Expulsion and
Suspension Policies in Early Childhood Settings (2014)
Equity Project: Implementing the Pyramid Model to Address the Inequities in
Early Childhood Discipline (2017)
Child Study Center Research Brief: Do Early Educators’ Implicit Biases
Regarding Sex and Race Relate to Behavior Expectations and Recommendations of
Expulsions and Suspensions (2016)
TEDxTalks. (2016, August
1). School suspensions are an adult behavior | Rosemarie Allen |
TEDxMileHigh. YouTube. (Links
to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)
NPR: Bias Isn’t Just a
Police Problem, Its a Preschool Problem
Zero to Three: Why is
Implicit Bias Such an Important Issue?
Why Is Implicit Bias Such an Important Issue? – YouTube (Links to an external site.)


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