Objective: Develop collaboration ideas for emergency management.
Situation: Last year, there was a major natural event (e.g., a hurricane, tornado, or other catastrophic natural event that occurs in your area). The event took a significant toll on the hospital and emergency resources in the area, and there was little collaboration among the systems.
Develop collaboration ideas to implement a healthcare emergency drill for the town of your current residence. Include the nearest hospital, public health services, a nearby school (for the staging area), and local emergency services. Use actual community buildings and resources in your plan and explain how each must collaborate with the others to successfully provide care and safety to town residents, during the emergency.
Compose a one- to two-page paper in APA Style. In your paper, explain how each participant will collaborate during the drill.
In addition:
In your introduction, explain the emergency you are preparing for and describe the collaborators.
In your conclusion, summarize why collaboration is essential to successful emergency management.
Your paper should include a cover sheet and reference list.


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