Image of God and Human Nature: Critical Assignment Preparation Paper
Relying on Strachan, the course videos for weeks 3 and 4, and Genesis chapters 1-3, respond to the following prompts: (1) What do you believe Gen 1.26-28 means for humanity and the cosmos? What is the purpose of humanity based on Gen. 1:1:26-28? How is this reflected in the idea of identity as crucial to being made in God’s image? (2) What are the three components making up the image of God? (3) How do they relate to your beliefs about human nature? (4) How do you understand authenticity as reflecting a doxological life? How does glorifying God reflect one’s identity as an image bearer? How does this relate to a behavioral science understanding of human nature?
This paper should be 4 pages long reflecting on points 1-4 above. Worth 150 points. Follow current APA formatting professional standards. Do not include an abstract.
*Everything we do in the course builds knowledge upon knowledge. The week 3 DB will help you with the Week 4 paper. Think of the DB as a start to your paper, almost like an outline, to which you will add more information. After completing the DB, interacting with your classmates, contemplating their contributions, and researching some more, you will have the material you need to write the 4 pages on this content. This DB and paper will help you with the Critical Assignment, as will all the remaining assignments in our course as you build your theory of integration.
*paper template attached


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