Part II: The Society
What tensions within American society contributed to the insurrection?
The Right
The “QAnon” network was central to the militant Trump support that materialized during the insurrection. But how much significance can be assigned to an anonymous internet user only known as “Q”? Please watch and/or read the following:
Where did QAnon Come From? (15 Jan. 2021 [VICE News]) (Links to an external site.)
The Left
On the evening prior to the insurrection, a group called ShutDownDC visited Senator Hawley’s suburban Virginia house in a “Vigil for Democracy.” Please examine the following footage:
Vigil for Democracy (5 Jan. 2021 [ShutDownDC]) (Links to an external site.)
Would you characterize this event as a “Vigil for Democracy,” or as something else? If so, how would you describe it? Do you agree or disagree with Senator Hawley’s subsequent description (Links to an external site.) of the demonstrators as “ANTIFA scumbags”?


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