I refer to this purpose of Scripture as “Call” because, according to Luke (and Jesus!), we don’t understand the Scriptures until we see how we are connected to the story of Scripture. In other words, we don’t understand the Scripture until we understand what Scripture calls us to do in response to Jesus and we respond faithfully. So, in this paper, we want to see how Rom 1:16–17 connects us to the story by answering the following questions.
How does Rom 1:16–17 connect to the Old Testament story?
Make sure to include a discussion of Habakkuk 2:4
How does this Old Testament story connect to Jesus?
How does this understanding of Jesus connect to the mission of the church?
This can be a brief reflection on the general calling of the church in Luke 24:49–53 and how it connects with Romans 1:16–17.
Use the attached sources


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