finish the questions. 100-300 words each
1.a. Dictators unlike voters have incentive to be rational as they are decisive. Yet we see few examples of dictatorships with very efficient policies, what might explain this?
b. What is the key difference between a dictatorship and democracy? (Hint: Think Violence and Social Order)
c. Based on your answer in part B explain why most countries fail to improve after undergoing a revolution.
2. a. Explain what is meant by the following statement “the Solow model merely explains the dynamics of growth but not the reason for it”.
3. What is meant by instrumentalization? Why might humans have evolved a distaste for it? What does this have to do with anti-market bias?
4. What is meant by “every externality is a two-sided problem” (*hint* Coase), does this have any bearing on moral judgments?


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