Research appropriate insurance plans
Research, identify, and describe appropriate insurance plans for a
small business. This involves interviewing an insurance broker and/or searching
the library/Internet for information. Complete your response by taking into
account of the following:
1. Describe the types of policies and coverage needed for a
typical small business.
2. List the appropriate limits, deductibles,
exclusions, and premiums, for the coverage identified in Q1.
3. Explain how insurance can mitigate the risks a small
company faces, and discuss its limitations.
4. Describe the various risks a small company needs to
5. Explain how much the various policies cost on an
annual basis. (Use any relevant online or professional quotes to get a feel
about the cost level)
6. Describe the various sources of these policies, and
discuss how the policies can be obtained.
7. Present an insurance coverage plan for a business
you would like to start or work for. What coverage is needed, and how much will
the plan cost?


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