Pick one of the following three cases and present your case summary:
Will is a 68-year-old male with a history of hypertension. Eight months ago, he started regular dialysis therapy for ESRD. Before that, his physician was closely monitoring his condition because he had polyuria and nocturia. Soon it became difficult to manage his hypertension. He also lost his appetite, became weak, easily fatigued and had edema around his ankles. Will debated with his physician about starting dialysis, but she insisted, before the signs and symptoms of uremia increased; the treatment was absolutely necessary.
What is the difference between azotemia and uremia?
What is the cause of Will’s weakness and fatigue?
What cardiac complication of this disease may be contributing to bilateral ankle edema?
Nine-year-old Joshua cannot fly on a plane without experiencing dizziness and vomiting. Fifty-four–year-old Melissa has a constant ringing in her ears and complains sometimes that she cannot hear out of her left ear and feels like she is spinning at times.
Explain how the concept of sensory function applies to their situations.
If you also were to care for 43-year-old Sylvia, who experienced vertigo and vomiting but was diagnosed with a tumor of the fourth ventricle, how does her situation differ from Joshua and Melissa’s?
Imagine the existence of a “chocolate control center” in the hypothalamic region of the brain. This chocolate control center has direct neural connections to stimulate a chocolate-producing gland that synthesizes chocolate and releases it directly into the bloodstream. Stimuli for this chocolate system include emotional stress and low blood chocolate levels. Physiologic effects of this endogenous chocolate hormone include euphoria. This chocolate system operates under a negative feedback system of control.
How would this system respond to a chocolate overdose?
What would be the clinical manifestations of this response?


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