Assigned concepts will be related to your readings so you will need to write everything you can about them. Read the book, PowerPoints, and other related materials and other media to assist you in this endeavor. Note: I don’t want “what you feel” without facts and references to back your comments. In-depth assignments must contain at least two (2) different sources, one of which is from our text (Hails, Judy 2014 Criminal Evidence, 8th Edition, Cengage Learning).
Your papers must be single spaced, using a Verdana or a similar font. Your investigation must be a minimum of two (2) pages, but no longer than four (4) pages, excluding a separate Reference page. I will use the Critical Thinking and Writing Rubrics as a guide to grade your work.
This is not an exercise in quoting the material; read it, digest it, and then write about it in your own words for most of your paper.
Assignment 2:
1. What scientific tests are most commonly introduced at trial? What constitutes to their validity?
2. What is the standard for determining if a consent to search is valid? Who may consent? How detailed a search is permitted?
3. Explain the requirements for obtaining a warrant under the Wiretap Act?


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