Main Topic: WAN Service Security & SASE
Sub Topic: WAN Service Security and Intro to SASE
I have attached the PPT associated with the writing work; please refer to it so you’ll have an idea of the primary sub-topic.
This report must provide additional details about the particular subtopic of your main topic. The first two pages of this report can be based on introductory / overview materials main topic. But the other four pages must cover unique individual information about your sub-topic.
Double size spacing, font size must be 11 pt or 12 pt. All pages must be numbered.
This report must contain at least six pages of your writing. You are welcome to include figures, graphs, illustrations, etc., in your paper, but these do not count toward the six required writing pages.
The paper must include a Reference List at the end listing all websites, books, and articles you read to research the topic. Up to 2 of these sources can be shared from a standard paper, newspaper, or website, but at least four sources must be unique to this report. At least two of these sources must have been published within two years.
To reinforce ideas in your writing, you should quote some sentences from your references. When you copy exact words from one of your sources, you must put quotes (“) around them and specify a reference number (from your reference list at the end of your paper). Reference numbers can be specified using brackets (example: Networks are “the most important business tool today[3]”) or with superscripts (example: Networks are “the most important business tool today” 3). A paper with no quotes at all will lose points. On the other hand, I want to see what you have to say, so no more than 30% of the paper content should be direct quotes from other sources.
If you summarize or paraphrase the information from a source in your own words, you do not need to use quotes. However, you still need to specify the reference where you got the information (example: The fastest-growing WAN service in today’s market is SD-WAN [3]).


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