For this assignment, you will evaluate the concepts associated with entrepreneurship. First, locate the video below in the Films on Demand database in the CSU Online Library.
ABC News (Producer). (2013). Building a food truck business from the ground up [Video]. Films On Demand.
Next, answer the following questions.
What value does this business bring to the communities it serves?
What are the advantages of the food truck business?
What are the risks involved in this business?
What characteristics of the owners help to make this business a success?
What type of entrepreneurship is displayed in the video? Explain.
Why is additional support critical for the success of the food truck business?
What suggestions would you recommend for this business?
Your case study must be a minimum of two pages in length. Be sure to cite any sources using APA format.
The Writing Center has provided an example Case Study to help with formatting and APA requirements.


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