I will make video based criteria below – and provided
Discussion Rubric
Discussion Rubric (100 points)
Criteria Excellent Good Poor Unacceptable or Missing
Critical Thinking
(27-30 points)
Delivers information that is full of critical thought, insight, and analysis. Makes strong connections to previous or current theoretical content and/or to real-life situations.
(24-26 points)
Delivers information that demonstrates moderate critical thinking, insight and analysis. Makes connections to previous or current content and/or to real-life situations, but connections are not clear or unique.
(21-23 points)
The assignment – mclennan county waco texas
Hunger has no boundaries and can exist in any community. What have you learned about your community?
Collect the facts about hunger in the community in which you live. You will need to provide documentation for the facts you present. If they are not available for your town, find information for your county.
Select your state at County Health Rankings and Roadmaps; you will see an overview of your state and can search for detailed information about counties and communities.
You will present the information in a video post. See the Submission Guidelines for instructions on submitting a video post.
Video Post
In your video post, answer the following questions about hunger in your community.
What did you learn about hunger in your local community?
Discuss the real and/or potential ramification or significance of local hunger.
The last thing I would like you to do post a short video response on your personal response to the local hunger facts.
The video recording that you post about hunger in your community should be two to five minutes in length. Post three references or more relevant, current, peer-reviewed journals not a part of the assigned reading in addition to incorporating the assigned reading.


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