For this assignment, you will download and examine the Florida Department of Health Palm Beach County Community Health Needs Assessment.
This local community health needs assessment conducted in August 2016 was updated in 2018 in collaboration with community stakeholders representing healthcare providers, community members, and other agencies informed on the social and economic needs of the community-at-large.
As you read the community health needs assessment, ask yourself the following questions:
Is this geographical area metropolitan, urban, or rural?
What are the demographic and socioeconomic statuses within this geographical area?
Are there disparities among the residents? What are the disparities?
What are the key health issues within the community?
What is the rate of obesity, diabetes, mental health disease, and substance abuse/addiction?
What are the contributing factors to morbidity and mortality in this community?
What are the challenges for the community to access healthcare services?
What are the identified community strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats?
What are some of the issues a community hospital can help alleviate?
What is your next step as the CEO of the local hospital to become a partner with the community health department to address the community health needs?
Use your answers to these questions to prepare your critique report with a brief introduction to the assignment citing the needs assessment, a section discussing your findings, and your summary how your hospital can enhance community needs by forming a partnership with community health and the benefit to both entities.
Your paper needs to include citations within the narrative to support your perspective and enhance your persuasiveness to enter into a collaborative community health partnership.
Length: Minimum of 5 pages, not including title and reference pages
References: Include a minimum of 7 scholarly resources


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