Step 1- Research Site: Questions to **think** about while researching
History/Past-Present/Future: How are some key historical events or movements of your study abroad site shaping and informing current events or movements?
Privilege-Disadvantage: In what ways are some groups privileged? In what ways are some groups disadvantaged? What are the important historical and current waves of immigration? Who, if any, are indigenous peoples?
Differences-Similarities: What customs, norms, beliefs or value patterns seem to be more enduring? What new customs, norms, beliefs or value patterns seem to be emerging?
Step 2 – Critically Reflect: Questions to **think** about when critically reflecting:
Personal-Contextual: How might your social roles and interactions change? How might you be in opposition to your own culture’s norms, beliefs or values when abroad because of the beliefs and values of people at your study abroad site?
Differences-Similarities: What cultural similarities might you have with the host culture(s) at your target site, what differences?
History/Past-Present/Future: What past or current events in your own culture might impact how you interact or view others in the target site?
Privilege-Disadvantage: In what ways might you be privileged or disadvantaged when you are abroad that are different than at home?
Step 3 – Write: Answer this prompt based on your research and critical reflection:
Describe how your own culture and identities may interact (in agreement with or in opposition to) the new cultures you will encounter while at your study abroad site.


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