1) Explain the unique cost structures of information goods. 2) Explain the relationship between information overload and attention economy. Apply this framework to the behavior of Youtubers. 3) What was the strategy of the Britannica encyclopedia against Microsoft Encarta? What were the lessons from this history? 4) Show two price strategy is better than one strategy using the case of the Quicken demand in the lecture slides (1 million people with $60 WTP, 2 million people with $20 WTP. 5) The willingness to pay of Mark and Noah is las follows. Compare the revenue with a bundling or without a bundling. Word Processor Spreadsheet Mark $240 $200 Noah $200 $240 6) Explain Goldilocks pricing with an example of information goods. 7) What are the four web business models and which business model is riskiest to advertisers?


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