Course objectives from Units 1-7:
7.1 Differentiate between complementary and alternative health modalities (medicine).
7.2 Identify the categories of complementary and alternative health modalities outlined by the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine.
Brief plan/overview of the project:
Our group will present an informative Discussion and PowerPoint covering the two objectives we have chosen. The Discussion and PowerPoint will be presented to current nursing students who will be asked to participate via a zoom meeting. Prior to presenting our Discussion and PowerPoint material we will ask the students to participate in a brief survey to better understand their current knowledge and understanding on what complementary and alternative health modalities are and what differentiates the two.
Following the Discussion and PowerPoint we will ask the same questions to see how the students knowledge has increased regarding complementary and alternative health modalities.
Participant learning objectives:
By the conclusion of our presentation the students will have a better understanding of the similarities, differences, and categories of Complementary and Alternative Health Modalities and when might they be utilized appropriately.
How learning will be evaluated:
Ask nursing students questions prior to presentation on their general understanding of Complementary and Alternative Health Modalities and what their level of understanding is regarding the differences and uses for both complementary and alternative medicine.
Present Discussion and PowerPoint (PPT) presentations
Post-discussion/PowerPoint closing statements
Ask same questions as before to compare knowledge gained from presentation/PPT
Why the Community (Your Learners) Need this ASL Project:
Educate nursing students on what differentiates complementary from alternative health modalities.


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