TOPIC: What are the developmental and socioecological models of aging? Describe the role of counseling in facilitating positive outcomes for aging populations. What are the issues affecting aging workers and their employers?
Guidelines for Assignment:
Grammar and Spelling: Double space. Proofread. Errors will decrease your grade.
Paper Structure: Your paper must have an introduction and a conclusion paragraph. A paragraph must be longer than one sentence. Use as many pages as needed to properly address each question but there is a minimum of 2 pages of text, double spaced, 12-point font, Times New Roman.
Clarity: All concepts or issues are clearly stated and explained with an understanding of the material. Integrate textbook and article content within responses.
Use of Textbook: Appropriate use of terminology and concepts in the textbook. Terms must be used properly. The depth of information of the concepts and terms addressed.
References: Use of 2 references and one must be the textbook. You must have a reference page and cite references in the body of the paper. The last page of the paper is called “References

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