Prepare an eight (8) page paper on a social welfare policy that affects a population at risk. A minimum of five (5) references are required and must be cited, in-text using APA format. Papers should include the following:
a. Description of the social welfare policy that affects the population at risk
b. State the issue that the social welfare policy was developed to address
c. Explain the significance of the issue to you both personally and professionally
d. Articulate the social justice implications related to the issues
e. Identify a task that you will perform to address the issues (ex. Write a letter to a legislator or editor of a newspaper, attending and participating in a rally; demonstration, or march)
f. Discuss what you learned from carrying out the task. Include
a. How you carried out the task
b. An explanation of the potential effect of the task you carried out (if you wrote a letter, please attach a copy of the letter and d escribe if there were attempts to follow up with the legislator the letter was addressed to.)
g. Provide a reference page and in-text citations for every source listed on the reference page
h. Paper should be submitted using APA format
Paper must contain a minimum of five (5) in-text citations and include a reference page in APA format.
*****Please choose from one of the popultion at risk***
2. People Living with HIV AIDS
3. Survivors of Domestic Violene / Intimiate Partner Violence
4. Youth
5. Veternas
6. People witth intellectual disabilities
7. Undocumented Individuals

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